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Bruegel d. Ä. Jan - The Sense of Sight (detail) - 1618

Young Cigarmakers in Englahardt & Co., Tampa, Fla. There boys looked under 14. Work was slack and youngsters were not being employed much... (LOC)

11:30 A.M. Jennie Rizzandi, 9 year old girl, helping mother and father finish garments in a dilapidated tenement, 5 Extra Pl., N.Y.C. They all work until 9 P.M. when busy, and make about $2 to $2.50 a week... (LOC)

Gris, Juan (1887-1927) - 1912 Self-Portrait (Private Collection)


n27_w1150 by BioDivLibrary
n27_w1150, a photo by BioDivLibrary on Flickr.


n215_w1150 by BioDivLibrary
n215_w1150, a photo by BioDivLibrary on Flickr.

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Mug shot of Frank McGowan, Robert McFarlane and John Dennis McFarlane, 23 May 1921, Central Police Station, Sydney

Mug shot of Neville McQuade (18) and Lewis Stanley Keith (19), North Sydney Police Station, early June 1942

Mug shot of De Gracy (sic) and Edward Dalton. Details unknown. Central Police Station, Sydney, ca.1920

Drug Bureau mug shot of Fay Watson, 24 March 1928, Central Police Station, Sydney

Mug shot of May Blake, 1 September 1930, Central Police Station, Sydney

Faces of Crime Gone By

Notorious ThiefThe ScuttlersLiverpool ExplosionTale of WoeStealing and Serving Time$10,000 for Boss Tweed - The World's Most Wanted Man
Thomas Murphy - The Reluctant SubjectThe Cultured CrookWhere Did You Get That Hat?Henry Norton - Caminada's CollarPaddy the DevilA Persistent Man
The Rochdale Co-op Cheque ThiefMeet Catherine DayJames Johnson's Bad DayThe Smiling Jewellery Thief?The Well-Dressed Eliza Wright

Mugshot; Pep, The Cat-Murdering Dog

Police photos Amsterdam (15)

Side view of the body of a woman in a print dress lying on the floor in front of a Singer treadle sewing machine. Probably late 1930s, early 1940s

Police photos Amsterdam (9)

crime in the netherlands16

crime in the netherlands16 by juffrouwjo
crime in the netherlands16, a photo by juffrouwjo on Flickr.

Crime? Man escorted


Police by Boston Public Library
Police, a photo by Boston Public Library on Flickr.

Crime/Police: Miscellaneous

Gangi Cero in death cell for killing a North End man. Escaped chair because they found another suspect. He was released and he returned to Italy, after which they found out he had been guilty.The man that squealed on Gerald Chapman and sent him to the gallows. His name is "Shean."Peggy McCarthy, 10 year old Somerville girl murdered by Harry CahillWhere "King" Solomon was slain by gangsters at the Cotton Club in the South End.John Dillinger's body, 1935James Scully, wanted in "King" Solomon murder
Solomon murder suspects Burke and Frank Karlonas (Straw Hat) in paddy wagonYacht stolen by pirates found on Cohasset BeachYacht stolen by pirates found on Cohasset BeachChinatown raid: Dope seized and den discovered"King" Solomon funeral. Floral arrangement. One of many sent.Steve Gustin - gangster
Bossy Gillis, mayor of Newburyport, in Salem jail.Usher Alexander Moschella inspects safe cracked in Revere theatre. Yegs got away with $50, missing $1500 in inner box.Bossy Gillis, mayor of Newburyport, in Salem jail for being a bad boySomerville youths, R-R: John J. Oliver, Walter Sousa and John D. Wall, held for murder of gas station attendant Evangelista I. BagniSafe blown at trade school08_06_002642Jesse Pomeroy escape attempt
Jesse Pomeroy, lifer for over fifty yearsPolice with three kids arrested for stealing and crashing auto, FellswayWrecked auto stolen by kids, crashed into pole, FellswayTheodore Bentz behind barsTheodore Bentz behind barsJohn Dillinger's guns