Thursday, August 11, 2011

Notre Dame de Paris. Tower

Royal Architectural Museum. Plaster Casts of Westminster Abbey ChapterHouse Virgin Mary Statue

Royal Architectural Museum. Plaster Casts (Figures) from the West Porchof Chartres Cathedral

Royal Architectural Museum. Plaster Casts (Bosses) from WestminsterAbbey

Royal Architectural Museum. Plaster Cast (Boss) from Westminster Abbey

Terra Cotta Urns from Ernst March's Charlottenburg Factory

Florence. Wrought iron torch holder or horse tether from the Strozzi Palace

The pallid angel. drinks at the source of a shadow ©


Untitled by Simona Pellegrini
Untitled, a photo by Simona Pellegrini on Flickr.

Il ratto di Polissena


exist by latigi
exist, a photo by latigi on Flickr.


All animals are lost while in the throat of the chimera ₪ He gathers, all the animals are tragic ©Π The miracle of a saint ©˦ A blast, I kept the luster of a fracture ©As far as you have to stop in art ©What are you doing ? what are you doing ? do you resist to this torment? ©But returns to the light ©
Đissipation passing ©♞ Giant on a wooden horse ©ℙeople ©The butterfly's kiss ©To be like that ©La phénoménologie de Kenneth Armitage ©
Marble dust in the heart of the face ©The architect of the Shadow ©Phosphoric. vapor [The reign of fate] ©A kind. of instability prevailed ©I created a space. which aims to fill the space with a volume, this is called the sculpture ©Femme égorgée ©
From exhaustion at. sufficiencyHer eyes were hidden insufficiency, like a heavy flower through a. veilWhere everything. blur ©Point à la. ligne [statue by Father]La rage de Venus of the Rags ©

1950 :: 1970

Evoking Wakamatsu, I thought to Bataille ©Butterfly. oxymoron ©The cold. concentration ©Ice. crystal shapes of luminescence ©₱ainting is not a mirror that reproduces the appearance of the world ]Magritte[ ©One word and you will sob in my arms. One word, my name ©
Here comes the anxiety a very beautiful woman ©1964 ©From Dramas. philosophical ©∏ Under alcyone ©Semblance ©♛ Her scapulae has in my hand all the magic landscapes ©
Φ  The movement is in the blood ©The language is in time, The gift of her beauty in space ©♀♂ Open your dress, Dejanira that I can ride on my pyre ©L'esprit tout à coup se dégorge comme un boyau {A.t'S} ©I kept silent, crossed by each single note played by the tuner, by the cry almost inaudible, but unique, single string that stretched: the complaints of dying flowers ©La scène capitale {A place in the Sun} ©
Le dénuement de la peau Le dénouement que les mains ont rempli Des plaines ©Intertwined with a frenzied dance ©∆ Lou ©◘ Expression, beauty, transfiguration ©✂ Crack [The lesson of love in a park] ©She seemed sad, but he kissed her ©